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Directory of Services

Below are listed some of the services available to the University of Minnesota community. For off-campus resources, call United Way at 211 or Crisis Connection at 379-6363.

Unless noted otherwise, all area codes are 612.

Academic Support/Tutoring/Peer-Assisted Learning
SMART Learning Commons 624-1584

General Information 625-2008, 800-752-1000
   Freshman Admissions Welcome Center, 200 JonesH
   Transfer & International Admissions Welcome Center, 240 WmsonH

Tickets: east end of MarA 624-8080
Recreational Sports, 108 CookeH 625-6800

Coffman Union (Mpls) 625-6000
Law School, MondaleH (Mpls) 626-8569
StCen (StP) 624-9200

Campus Information
Campus Directory Assistance:
   From off campus 625-5000
   From on campus dial 0
Voice Mail System 626-0000

Campus Newspaper
The Minnesota Daily, 450 UOffPl 627-4080

Career Services
Collegiate Career Services Offices
   Arch 626-3690
   Career & Internship Services, 198 McNH 624-2710
      (Serving all Col of Food, Ag & Natural Resrc Sci stu & Cols of Design &
      Educ & Human Dev stu w/majors on StP campus)
   Dentistry 625-7477
   Educ & Human Dev
      Stu Servs, 360 EdSciB 625-3339
   HHHSPA 625-2847
   Hlth Careers Ctr 624-6767
   Law, 96 MondaleH 625-1866
   Liberal Arts, 411 STSS 624-7577
   Fax 625-4832
   Mgmt, 2-100/2-180 HMH 624-0011
   Pharmacy 624-0429
   Public Hlth, D-305 Mayo 626-5443
   Sci & Eng, Career Ctr for, 50 LindH 624-4090
      (Serving Col of Biological Sci & Institute of Technology)
   Veterinary Med, 460 VetMedCtr 624-4747

Computer Helpline

Confidential Reporting Service/Hot Line
To confidentially report employee illegal conduct or policy violations 1-866-294-8680

Athletics (academic), 225 BFAB 625-6888
Aurora Center for Advocacy & Education (sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking)
   407 BoynHS 626-2929
Disability Services
   170 McNamaraCtr (disabled employees) (V/TTY) 624-3316
   180 McNamaraCtr (disabled students) (V/TTY) 626-1333
Employee Assistance Program, B20 Donhowe
   Faculty & Academic Staff 625-4073
   Civil Service & Bargaining Units 625-2820
Mental Health Clinic, 4th Floor BoynHS 624-1444
University Counseling & Consulting Services
   340 ApH (Mpls) 624-3323
   199 CofH (StP) 624-3323
Urgent Counseling 625-8475
Women's Ctr, 64 ApH 625-9837

Courier/Delivery Service
University Delivery, UStorN 626-0707

Disability Information
Disability Services (V/TTY), 180 McNamaraCtr 626-1333
   General Information, Accessibility Maps, Document
   Conversion, Physical Access, Reasonable
   Accommodations (acad/work), Sign Language
   Interpreters, Technical Assistance Training
Computer Accommodations Program 626-0365
Elevators (to report problems) 624-2900
   (on campus) U Housing Services 624-2994
   (off campus) Center for Independent Living (V) 651-646-8342
   TTY 651-603-2001
   Disability Parking Locations 626-7275
   State Disability Parking Certificates 651-297-3377
     TTY 651-282-6555
   Snow/Ice Removal 625-7361
TTY (Teletype Network), SEE department section
TTY Relay System (to staff & faculty w/o TTYs)
   Minnesota Relay Service 711 or 800-627-3529

Dispute Resolution
Conflict Resolution, Office for, 662 HellerH 624-1030
Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action, 274 McNamara Ctr 624-9547
Student Conflict Resolution Center, 254 ApH 624-7272

Employment, University
   U of M Job Center, 170 DonhoweB 625-2000

Financial Aid
Office of Student Finance, 200 FraserH 624-1111

Health and Public Services
Boynton Health Service (general information):
   Mpls 625-8400
   StP 624-7700

Housing & Residential Life, ComH East 624-2994

Human Rights
Office of Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action, 274 McNamara Ctr 624-9547

Legal Aid
University Student Legal Service, 160 WBS 624-1001

Information & Reference 626-2227

Lost and Found
CMU (Mpls) 624-4636
WBS (Mpls) 624-6338
StCen (StP) 625-9794

Measurement, Testing, and Survey Services
Office of Measurement Services, 103 UStorS 626-0006

Notary Services
U Student Legal Service, 160 WBS 624-1001

Office Equipment
ReUse Program Warehouse, 883 29th Ave SE 626-9152

One Stop Phone Line

Police, Campus
General Information, 100 TSB 624-COPS
Emergency (police, fire, medical) 911
Escort Service (624-9255) 624-WALK

   (24 hrs, 7 days a wk)

Transportation Information
Bikes, Buses, Parking: 300 TSB 626-7275
University Paratransit 612-282-6619
Metro Mobility Information (V) 651-602-1111 (TTY) 651-221-9886
Metro Transit 373-3333 (TTY) 341-0140

U Card

University Employee Insurance Information
Employee Benefits, 100 DonhoweB 624-9090

Video Phone calls including VRS
Video Relay Service (VRS) allows persons who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate with hearing persons through the telephone system. Deaf and/or hard of hearing persons use a videophone with a television or a computer with a video camera. VRS employs sign language interpreters who relay the conversation between the parties—in sign language with the VRS user and by voice with the hearing party. VRS is subsidized by the FCC, and is free and confidential.

Vendors for VRS provide free video phones for deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind persons. In Minnesota, the three most commonly used VRS providers are

1- Sorenson VRS, 1-801-287-9400,;
2- ZVRS (w/ Communication Services for the Deaf), 1-727-254-5600,; and
3- Purple VRS, 1-877-885-3172,

Video Phone public access locations at UMN-Twin Cities:
* Coffman Memorial Union - Disabled Student Cultural Center (DSCC), Suite #203, office hours: 9:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

* McNamara Alumni Center - Disability Services, Student Services/Testing Center Front Desk,
Suite #180, office hours: 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

* McNamara Alumni Center - Disability Services, Interpreting/Captioning Unit, Suite #190, office hours: 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phones equipped with TTY/TDD (TeleTYpewriter/Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) are available by calling the University of Minnesota Technical Assistance Center at 301-4357 (301-HELP). Individuals or departments without access to a TTY/TDD can call the Minnesota Relay Service (MRS) at 711 to communicate with TTY/TDD callers. Calls can be originated by either TTY/TDD users or voice phone users.
TTY Pay Telephone Locations at UMN-Twin Cities
East Bank
* Coffman Memorial Union—first floor north entry
* Phillips-Wangensteen Building—main entry off
Delaware, east corner
West Bank
Wilson Library—main floor, east entry lobby

Campus Mail
To ensure accurate and timely delivery through Campus Mail on the Twin Cities campus, it is recommended that the addressee's four-digit delivery code be included on the envelope. Many listings in this online directory have a delivery code below the listing title (e.g., del code 3061). If a department listing lacks a delivery code, the code for an individual staff or faculty member can be found by using the People Search.